practical product benefits

chafe protection

brushes clutch


brings swept material container in the correct distance from the brush


... protects the ignition plugs before rain

Large selection

Constant or variable drive

Twelve models in working widths of 70, 80, 100, 120 and 140 cm are available: with constant drive or with infinitely variable hydrostatic drive.

Overview of benefits

  • handy, powerful, robust
  • optimal working speed for clean sweep:
    2,4 km/h.
  • solid gearbox
  • endless-freewheeling of the drive wheels, ball bearing steering castor
  • ergonomic stable handlebar 
  • handlebar space-saving foldable forward

U-turn at any time - thanks to freewheel

Unrestricted curves with simultaneous permanent all-wheel drive the rear wheels - the freewheeling bearing makes it possible.

brush speed

easy change the v-belt
slow speed for dirt
high speed for snow


Breite, stark profilierte Räder sorgen für guten Antrieb und erleichtern das Arbeiten im Schnee und auf feuchten Untergründen.

simple speed control

brush settings

A handle regulates the pressure setting of the sweeping brush

snow blade

4 fold height adjustment

steering wheel

fixed or rotated 360 degrees

folding mechanism

thanks to the folding mechanism deviates the plate when hitting an obstacle automatically

Easy Worker:


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for large areas


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