vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner


For small and large area

All our vacuum cleaner for collecting leaves and sweepings comply with five basic models and comprehensive equipment program all customer requirements: from home users to professional cleaning and park and garden maintenance operation. All models of LS Compact household up to the top model LS 9000 HBS are equipped with powerful, but very fuel efficient Honda engines.

Benefit Overview

  • Steel rotor: insensitive to drink cans, glass and wood residues
  • 240-liter collecting bag with useful features details
  • Engine controls and comfortably height adjustment at the handlebar
  • Driven by gearbox with differential
  • thornsecure, pneumatic wheels,
  • stepless speed control by maintenance-free hydrostats

Cramer Vakuum cleaner in their field a market leader. 

Collection bag with clever details


As standard, all devices are equipped with a fine dust filter bag made of industrial material. This makes for optimal dust reduction while absorbing waste: from the cigarette butt to the beer can. In the dust-free conditions, such as the classic leaves on grass, can be changed by opening the zipper on coarse filter  with a higher air passage.  For use in wet weather or for autumnal leaves collect are of course wet bags available. Vacuum cleaner can be used throughout the whole year.


All devices that have this sign, work with a Starbuck Turbine

types of turbines Starbuck-Turbine

For the powerful suction of the top models a Starbuck turbine ensures. 

types of turbines:

2800 min-1

Sound pressure level 81,4 db

Sound power level 94 db

Guaranteed sound power level 96,9 db

cleaning hose


All Vacuum cleaner are equipped with aerodynamically optimized 80-centimeter wide suction nozzles. For hard to reach areas as well as the cleaning of flower beds, there is a robust three-meter suction hose set.


100 %
75 %
less noise

25 %
less fuel consumption

Cramer Product Benefits

air window

Zipper open and already the air passage and thus the suction power is increased.

Wheel Bearing

Freewheel bearing differential balancing, steel rims

height adjustment

Height adjustment (8-fold) with a handle located on the handlebar.

needle bearing

wide needle bearings


The patented turbine


Rotary grip for stepless speed control.

drive wheels

wider steering castors and drive wheels.

suction hose

Inside absolutely smooth


For leaves and waste vacuum cleaner in wet weather.


collection bag

For leaves and waste vacuum cleaner in a dry conditions with maximum filter stage.

toggle Closings

Collection bag 300 l air passage

Please use together with Dust Cover!


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The emission-free whisper vacuum cleaner

Vakuum cleaner LS 5000 XP: with patented brilliant emptying

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vacuum cleaner:

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vakuum cleaner
LS 9000 HBS:

for large area


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